We have now submitted our planning application to Cardiff Council, and there will now be an opportunity to comment on the application on Cardiff Council’s planning portal, where all the planning submission documents are held.

Our PAC statutory consultation ran from 22 March 2024 to 19 April 2024, with interested parties able to view the draft planning application documents for the site, and submit their feedback on our proposals.

We have analysed the feedback received during this process. This was then compiled in the Consultation report, which has been submitted alongside the planning application to Cardiff Council in May 2024.

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We also hosted a webinar on 16 April at 12.30pm, you can find a recording of the webinar below. Please note this session was delivered in English. 

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At Fusion, we are dedicated to providing students with the best possible experience in their chosen university cities. We believe that every aspect of student living should be carefully considered and designed, from our beautifully crafted living and study spaces to our unparalleled social facilities and our focus on wellbeing and sustainability.

As pioneers and leaders in our industry, we constantly explore innovative ways to collaborate with our partners and operate within our buildings based on the unique characteristics of the cities where we develop and operate. This is particularly true in Cardiff where we have an extensive track record for delivery of student accommodation. This proposal will be our fourth scheme in the city and our fifth overall in Wales.

We always prioritise the environment, our people, and our students in everything we do. Our positive living ethos underpins everything we do, ensuring that our students have access to great facilities and living spaces, as well as an enriching experience that will positively impact their lives.


Fusion Student’s has submitted an application for planning permission for the demolition of the Longcross Court building and the redevelopment of the site for Purpose Built Student Accommodation, comprising circa 650 no. student bedspaces + student amenity spaces as well as mixed commercial use on the ground floor. The building will be a mix of heights, up to 18 storeys overall.

Site Location

The site comprises land at Longcross Court, 47 Newport Road, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 0AD. It is located in a prominent position to the north east of Cardiff City Centre, bounded by the A4161 (Newport Road) to the south, City Road to the west and Oxford Lane to the north.

Glossop Road lies to the south and offers prominent views towards the site. The site is located in a very sustainable location close to city centre amenities and the two universities. The site will also benefit from proposed sustainable transport enhancements along the entirety of Newport Road.

The site is located along a key gateway into the City Centre and City Road. It is surrounded by tall buildings, which are an extension of the urban fabric of the city centre. As such, any development on this site will become an active player in the city skyline when approaching or leaving the city.

Proposals will need to be mindful of the Grade 2 heritage listed buildings in the vicinity and be designed to be complementary to the skyline from key views in the locality.

There is a vibrant mix of uses around the site, which a new student community could support.


The Proposed Development comprises the demolition of the existing building and erection of new build Purpose Built Student Accommodation and ground floor commercial spaces and associated works.

The proposed development will comprise student accommodation which will serve the Universities nearby, together with some ground floor commercial space on Newport Road and/or City Road. The options explored for the building mass currently indicate greater height on the corner of City Road/Newport Road at 14 storeys + ground floor, with lower building forms to the north and east where the site is adjacent to lower rise development.

Ground floor space is indicated for a mix of commercial uses to provide the greatest potential for occupation together with PBSA amenity space and main building’s entrance. The proposals will principally be a car free development, with disabled parking / move in/out spaces accessed from Oxford Lane.

Pre-application discussions took place with Cardiff Council, and the scheme has been amended to take on board various comments made by the Council.

Design and Streetscape

The design will comprise a free-standing tower, which provides an opportunity for a distinct identity. The taller element on the City Road/Newport Road junction will mark the gateway to the City Centre / Roath districts.

Elevation treatment options are being considered in detail but will include references to more traditional elements in the locality, including picking up on context such as the Cardiff Royal Infirmary adjacent. The use of buff / grey brick with contrasting elements is a proposed option.

The building frontage will be set back along Newport Road, allowing for enhanced public realm including street trees.

Active frontages will be provided to Newport Road and Oxford Lane, by way of the provision of double height commercial and amenity space on the ground floor. This will provide increased street presence, in contrast to the current Longcross Court building. The site’s location on the junction of two main streets and existing commercial uses in the locality, provides opportunities to activate the street with engaging and complementary commercial uses.

The building line to Oxford Lane will also be set back, allowing for accessible parking and servicing to Oxford Lane.

Associated landscaping and communal amenity space will support the proposed student accommodation. Student amenity spaces will also help to activate the street scene.

Proposed Acommodation

Proposed unit sizes will exceed the minimum sizes required. A mix of cluster unit types and sizes of clusters will be provided, with communal kitchen / social spaces for each cluster. A mix of studio sizes is also proposed. Furthermore, communal scheme-wide amenity spaces will be provided for all units.


The proposed layouts will be capable of re-use and adaption in the future, should the demand for PBSA reduce. The modular nature of the PBSA units creates a simple principle for conversion to other uses. Compatible alternative uses include hotels and co-living.

Project Timeline

March 2024

Design Phase

22 March 2024

PAC (statutory consultation) opening for comments

19 April 2024

PAC (statutory consultation) closing for comments

Design updates from PAC consultation feedback

May 2024

Planning Application Submission

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The Fusion brand exists to create thoughtful spaces, places and homes that enrich, enhance and inspire whoever lives within them.

Everything Fusion does has been thoughtfully considered to help students get the most out of their experience in their chosen University city. From beautifully designed living and study spaces to unrivalled facilities and focus on wellbeing and sustainability.

With a successful track-record for delivering high-quality student accommodation and building strong communities, Fusion is a family-owned business that aims to redefine the sector in a positive way.

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We’re a small Planning Consultancy with a wealth of experience providing expert professional advice to private and public sector clients on the planning and development process on sites throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on providing a personal and professional service which is sometimes lost in larger practices.

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